Friday, June 13, 2014

Running Ragged

Nothing good to report this month.  I'm running ragged around the edges.  Working full time, summer time farm chores, trying to get the house ready for my sister's visit next month...  the truck needs work, the hyper-reactive dog I can't take near a vet needs spaying, I've got some digestive issues I'd like to see a doctor about if I liked seeing doctors at all.

...and I ate a doughnut yesterday.

So much for my plan to catch up on this week by getting to bed early and getting up early.  I left my phone/alarm downstairs with hubby while he worked out details with my sister and it didn't get brought up and plugged in.  I slept for 9 hours like the old days.

Not good.

I had that annoying thing happen with my left knee again.  I wish I knew what it was, feels like old scar tissue snapping or something.  Knee feels great after I get over the twinge.

I am able to get all the physical work done that I have time for.  I get winded and take a half hour break, but I'm functional when I march out to the barn again.  That much is a major improvement over the old days.  I just don't know if I can hold it together emotionally and get my priorities straight.  Sometimes I just can't stop myself from sinking into Facebook, Hulu, or stupid phone games to escape for a bit.  Tonight I'm working until 8:30 PM to catch up on hours because I had priority issues earlier in the week.