Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is Health?

Spring has sprung, and I'm not really getting outside much more than I did in the depths of winter.  However, I'm working ~10 hours of overtime a week and giving my house more cleaning than it has in a long time.

My coaches on my journey with minimal shoes are real athletes.  But do I even ever want to be an athlete?  Sure it would be great to show off to doubters my Boston marathon entry, but I'm really not interested in spending hours and hours of my life to exercise just to exercise or to get shiny medals.  My neighborhood is a dump, I take no pleasure in walking through it, and my life is already too busy to manage to schedule trips to the park.

We are getting financially closer to being able to move to the country.  I'm hoping that will help my exercise levels.  Gardening season is getting underway sooner, which will definitely eat up a good share of my free daylight hours.

I am pretty happy with my new normal for activity.  I've given up on the local endurance race due to lack of true interest.  (I may still go photograph runners for them.)  I'm still slow, but my activity is rarely limited by my ability, I live with much less pain.  But am I healthy yet?  No, not really.  I feel 90% better, but there are still nagging occasional pains, I may still throw out a shoulder next harvest.  What should be my next move towards health?