My Diet

Disclaimer: My diet was formulated by trial and error and is specific to me.  You should experiment with an elimination diet and slow re-introduction of foods before eliminating grains, legumes, dairy, or meat from your diet.  Food additives are too numerous to intelligently categorize them all, in general less processed foods are better for you, are easier for your subconscious nutritional processing to understand, and if you have fewer additives in your diet it will make it easier to isolate problematic ones.  Seed oils are probably bad for everyone, I suggest using unprocessed coconut oil or olive oil that is labeled with the name of the farm it was produced on, or animal fats you have rendered yourself.

Best foods:
Meat, especially grass fed
Low carbohydrate vegetables (think green and fibrous, like green beans, broccoli, lettuce...)

Foods to have in moderation/balance:
Moderate sugar vegetables (onions, tomatoes)
Nuts and seeds (whole or freshly processed is best, broken nuts/seeds allow their Omega-6 oils to oxidize)

Foods to severely limit:
Vegetable Oils
High carb vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas)
Anything from a can or box with more than 3 ingredients.

Never eat:
Sulfites/Sulfates (often found in processed potatoes, dried fruit, and naturally occurring in wine and balsamic vinegar.  This is a specific allergy of mine, for most people sulfites are no more problematic than other additives.)

Typical meals:
Eggs, & bacon or sausage, with sour cream, cheese, and spices.
Beef roast & veggies.
Chicken roast and veggies
Pulled pork (with spice instead of sugary BBQ sauce)
Hamburgers (no bun) and homemade relish
Grilled fish and veg.
Spaghetti squash alfredo...
Ham and cheese
Salad with sour cream, boiled eggs, and cheese.