Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Progress Report

I can't say I've made much progress in the last month.  Every time I work up to .25 miles daily, something happens to set me back a bit.  Lately the weather has yo-yoed between single digit chills and wet melting slush, so I've been doing most of my walking indoors at work.

I do feel though stronger and more confident.  On my good days I occasionally sprint a bit instead of just walking.  The other day I forgot something in the car and sprinted the whole way there and back in the 10F chill.  I can sprint really good leaning on a grocery cart, but that is an accident waiting to happen so I don't do it (much).

I have had occasional hip pain, but only after I've tried new exercises.  Apparently I'm not ready for Egoscue's Hip Lifts and Hip Crossovers yet.  Mostly for hip exercise I'm working on balancing, either just plain old balancing on one foot, or popping in the Tai Chi DVD.

I'm wondering how far I can go with independent exercise, or if I should consult a professional.  Chiropractors, physical therapists, and Tai Chi masters are on my list of possible professionals to consult on the matter, but I think I can make more progress on my own, so why waste the money yet?

I'm working on several pairs of shoes.  A winter boot set for myself, and mocs for hubby.  I need to find more time to sew and less time to read to get those done. 

I have a sewing awl now which makes sewing the thicker materials much easier.  I learned felting to work on the winter boots, and have had a bit of fun with that besides the shoes.

I can wear my minimal shoes with a pair of sock liners and wool socks in any kind of cold, but slush has been an issue.  I'm hoping a pair of rubber-bottomed boots will resolve that.  I'm also working on a series of waterproofing experiments that I'll post about later.