Sunday, May 25, 2014

Doings on the Farm...

This blog was supposed to be about the farm...  ...but I think the other health topics are a worthwhile diversion.

Today was a big day for the farm.  We had our first lamb!  She is not to be part of our long term breeding program, but I expect she'll produce her share of market lambs while our purebred flock is growing large enough to fill our farm.  (Although I better pick her up and double-check gender again before I make too many plans for her future.)

We also got the tractor working again yesterday, and this weekend so far I've planted an herb garden, two rows of onions, and four rows of fodder beets (sheep feed).  The potatoes are going in soon too.  Two days working in the hot sun, and so far no sunburn (although I did get a little dehydrated yesterday, and I threw on long sleeves as a precaution near the end of today because I was feeling a touch warm.)