Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still Adapting

It's been about two years, you'd think my body would be done adjusting itself, but I did have a long way to go when I started.

Sunday morning when taking the dogs in, I turned while going up the stairs, and there was a loud pop in my left knee.  Ow!  Well, it stung for about 10 minutes, and then that knee felt more limber than it had in a long time.  It moved freely while my right knee still creaks when I bend it under load.  I found it interesting and forgot all about it until Monday morning.  Monday morning when taking the dogs in, I again turned while going up the stairs, and again heard the loud pop, and again felt fine in 10 minutes.  But for several days afterwards, I felt what I categorize as adaption pains.  Things stretching more than they used to, gait changing, putting stress in different places than where it was before.  I think it's a good thing, but only time will tell.

It doesn't help the experiment that I'm wearing new shoes.  The ghillies gave up the ghost last week, so I accelerated the almost done pair and started wearing them soon after the first popping.  (In fact, I was grabbing them out of the glue press and bringing them inside when the popping occurred.)  So I don't really know if any of these adaptation pains are my feet feeling muffled by the new thinner rubber I'm trying.  (I usually only wear leather, but leather just wears out too quickly.)

Only time will tell what's going on here.  I'll keep an eye on it.  If the pain moves into the left hip I'll have to make another pair of moccasins with no rubber to try again.  If things settle out and I'm a bit stronger by the end of it, then it was just adaption pain and a good thing after all.