Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I earlier made a post about Android DailyMile Apps, but left out the app I am now using. 

Tracks2Miles QRCode
MyTracks QRCode
Tracks2Miles is a helper app that uploads tracks recorded with MyTracks to DailyMile.  It seems like a lot of clicks to upload a workout, but you get the hang of it, and no more guessing at your milage or fumbling to remember the exact numbers as you switch apps.

I'm still playing with the MyTracks settings that best record the distance of a slow walk (too-frequent waypoints can make the track too long due to margin of error in recorded position, too-scares waypoints can make the track too short due to missing points on a curve) but am otherwise happy with the tool.  It allows entry in just as many DailyMile fields as the DailyMile mobile website.