Thursday, April 14, 2011

Android DailyMile Apps

I was recently given an Android phone for my birthday, so i'm playing with the available apps.  I've found two that are useful for updating DailyMile.
DailyMiler is a simple app that lets me log into DailyMile, and provides a nice little interface for entering workouts. It doesn't do the title field, or the advanced features like equiptment, but handles basic run data well.

Run Free integrates GPS and a timer to help you log the run.  While running you can cycle the screen to see lots of useful data about your run. It does not seem to have a lap feature, but it does allow repeats of previous tracks, with comparison to your last or best run on that track. You can upload your run data to Facebook, Twitter, or DailyMile. The upload is automated, but it only accepts the "How did it go?" field, autopopulating time and distance.  It doesn't upload the GPS track or any other optional dailymile fields.  The look/feel of the app is so professional, it's dissapointing that it is not fully featured, and the paid version doesn't list any more features than the free one.

Overall, both apps are nice, but neither one replaces the functionality I get entering or editing my dailymile entries on the PC.

There are lots more training apps not related to DailyMile, you might look into them.  I'm looking at some of them and wishing I had waited on buying my HRM, as there are bluetooth HRMs available that integrate with these apps.  The bluetooth HRM is a little more than the one I bought, but together with your android can run all the super-fancy GPS & data logging stuff the really high end ones have.