Friday, April 8, 2011

Crazy Busy

Barefoot runners talk a lot about Too Much Too Soon (TMTS).  But sometimes in life "soon" isn't the factor, sometimes we just do too much.  Hopefully I can balance all the priorities I have this spring.

The new puppy needs lots of training and exercise, and has had enough housebreaking issues that I need to get home every 5 hours to take her outside.

Victory Gardens
I'm starting a new community garden at church.  I've got a bunch of seedlings started, that will need attention over the next couple months, then they will go into the garden and need attention further away from the house.

I've commited to making a wedding scrapbook for my sister.  I will be seeing her in July, so I should at least have major progress made before then.

I've recently picked up this art and some new tools, and would like time to play with it.  The things I've learned so far have been useful in shoe making, and I'd like to make some more fashionable custom shoes, maybe a purse, maybe a fancy cover for that scrapbook of Darlene's.

I have recieved an agricultural billhook for my birthday, and would like to aquire some skill with it.  At current I'm only skilled enough to maul bushes and saplings, but that's a start.  The end goal is to learn how to make pleachers, for hedgelaying.

I've found some nice sales on books, and have accumulated a significant reading pile.  (Search by subject on amazon, then sort by price.  I found one vendor just trying to get rid of old books that wouldn't sell.  One went for $0.01, another for $0.03, shipping was the only significant cost.)  I also still have some balance left on my Amazon gift card, and a bunch of Kindle samples to sift through and pick which I wish to buy.  Some of the books relate to the previous subjects, and will be first to be read.

I'm trying to slowly increase my capabilities for running and walking.  Luckily this goal lines up with the exercising Erin one, so it's less likely to be neglected.

I've knocked minimalist running discussion groups off the list of things to do.  I think I have the basics, I just need time to implement them.  I have my Kindle if I need a break moment to read and learn.