Sunday, March 13, 2011

My New Running Partner

Meet Erin:

She's a nine month old red brindle merle Great Dane.  She is a bit small for a dane, but may have a bit of growing to do.  She's very muscular for her age.  We bought her from a breeder, as another of her dogs was picking fights with her.  We'll spay her when her bones are done growing if other circumstances allow us to delay that long.  So far she's been an absolute sweetie pie, but we'll see if she has another side when she adjusts to living with us.  She was a bit sad on the trip, but we've started to see the tail come out occasionally, and all night long she woke me up every two hours for snuggles and a quick outing.  (I think we'll be able to cut that down to one outing a night shortly.)