Saturday, March 5, 2011

Resoling Moccasins

I knew when I made thin deerskin moccasins that they would wear out over time.  Despite thinking I was keeping an eye on it, I found a dime sized hole right after sprinting across the parking lot.  (I'm pretty sure there was no hole an hour before when I was putting my insoles in for the potentially slushy walk out of work.)

Fortunately I had equipped myself ahead of time with a supply of shoe goo, and still had plenty of scraps.  A little bit of cutting and gluing made them well enough for walking again.

Things to try differently:
  • Use a marking pencil to trace the patches onto the sole, so I know exactly where to spread the glue without putting sticky pieces together.
  • Do this at a table covered with paper.
  • Make sure the patches are covering the entire weight-bearing part of each foot pad they are under, so I don't feel the edges.
  • Use a knife to taper the patch edges slightly.