Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Update

I've had two themes this month: "get up again" and "fitness".

Get Up Again
No matter how many sessions get skipped, how low my mileage is, today can be the start of a better week, this week can be the start of a better month, I just have to get up again, and get my workout done today.

"Fitness" has many more meanings than the most common usage.  The common meaning is "acceptable" or sometimes "healthy" but what' I'm after is "capable" , "ready", "adapted".  Fitness should enable me to be useful things that I could not do before.

Tuesday was a big deal for the community garden, we did the final harvest to bring in decorations for the church's harvest festival.  I rushed over after work and had an hour before sunset to clear the stand of corn and play find-the-surviving-gourds.  My billhook, freshly sharpened, sailed through the cornstalks.  A double twist and the corn stalk landed neatly stacked with the others in a pile just ahead or behind me.  At the end of the row three to four bundles lay waiting, and I hefted a bundle at a time to my shoulder and trotted off to the pavilion humming the refrain of an old hymn.

One Row down, three to go

Swinging away at the corn.  Note I'm wearing my homemade huaraches, which are great minimal shoes for warm wet conditions.

Bringing in the Sheaves

The cavalry (my dear hubby) arrived as I was working on the last row, and helped finish up.

My workouts to date have made my feet and lower legs stronger, making it pretty easy to stay on my feet and moving around for the full hour, but my core is still a bit lacking and all the twisting and lifting took a toll.  The next day I was incredibly stiff in the back, and when I tried to do Somatics Lesson One to loosen it, I was downright incapable of doing one of the moves.  The dear hubby came through again, and massaged out the problematic muscle so I could at least finish the exercise at a reduced amplitude.  I took a few days off of my exercise routine to recover.

It's been kinda rainy since, I really need to get in the habit of doing shovelglove on the days it's too miserable to enjoy outdoor walks, and get more of that core strengthening.

Today I get up again, and work to become more fit for service.