Friday, November 25, 2011

Pucker Toe Mocs, Take 2

Last year's deerskin mocs took a beating, it's time for a new pair.

First, I improved the fit by starting with a mold of my feet, sliced according to the style I was aiming at.  I'm not real great at the pucker stitch, so I put the seam out close to the end of the toes.

Next, add necessary slices to flatten where the pucker stitching will go, transfer to paper, and average out the lines to match the historical pattern.
 Cut out draft 1, and fold in half.  Average out the two sides for draft two.

Check for irregularities, the pattern calles for wider sole pieces, so I narrowed up the tongue/vamp to match.
 Cuffs widened a lot.  Maybe next time will draw upper line straighter to come up more in the front.

The above pattern pieces cut and sewn. My whip stich is sloppy, so I don't turn the seam side in.  Most folks are too impressed with homemade footwear to know that it's not the authentic method.