Thursday, October 2, 2014

Is blogging bad for my health?

It may be that what I thought I was doing with my diet and what I was actually doing with my diet were two different things.

For two years I ate as much butter and bacon as I wanted, and I steadily lost small amounts of weight.  In March 2013 I'd gone down 5 belt hole positions and 40 lbs.

In July 2013, I started blogging about specific lunch choices, as going out to lunch was an especially challenging time to stick to my diet.  In late August I made up a little calculator that could compute the keytogenic ratio of my meals, with a target ratio of 150%, the ratio used in well studied anti-epilepsy diets.  I stopped loosing weight and even put a little bit on.  At the time I made no connection, because I'd just gotten my first livestock and a larger garden, and I thought perhaps my increased activity was increasing my muscle mass.  My old belt gave out so I had no regular measurement reference.

My reading up on adrenal issues points out that stress is a major trigger for symptoms (as it is for fibromyalgia) and the incident that made me drop fruit may have been triggered by stress rather than diet.  I do frequently see similar symptoms when I eat out, but perhaps it's something besides the carbs causing stress in my body.

Methinks it is time to stop running the numbers, and think more about what my body wants than what my calculator wants.  The unconscious mind does amazing things with health and nutrition analysis and I should trust it more.  Stay low on seeds, but bring back the root veggies and fruit in moderation.  I do still need to be moderate about high glycemic index foods, I'm still hypoglycemic, but I don't need to be as strict as I had been the last year.  Last night we had potatoes, onions and sirloin for supper, and I feel pretty good about it.