Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fifth Belt Hole

Not too much to write about lately.  I'm still loosing weight, hit the fifth belt hole today.  If I loose any more weight I'll have to break out the leather punch and make a new hole.

My swelling glands may be a carb thing rather than a wheat thing.  I'd not been able to trigger the reaction with potatoes, but maybe I just don't like potatoes enough to eat too much of them.  Last Saturday I had a half a slice of cake, and a couple pieces of quiche, and a grain free supper, Sunday I had grain free breakfast and grain free lunch, but I ate a half a bag of dates and a couple bottles of juice and got my glands swollen up that afternoon.  It could have been the cake the day before, but it seems like not that much...  I'll have to continue being observant on the matter.

The excess of fruit was to fight fatigue on a long drive.  My posture and my ability to stretch while sitting are improving, making long drives more comfortable, but I had issues with low blood sugar making me sleepy.  Not sure if this is specific to long drives, or related to the exhausting week prior and the party with cake at the destination.