Monday, February 18, 2013

Deviant Thinking and Innovation

The low-carb, high fat diet debate and deviant thinking

Deviate: to depart from an established course or norm

The word deviant usually has the connotation of someone who doesn't fit in, who rubs all the conformists the wrong way and has strayed from the golden path.  But all creativity is deviation as well.  All innovation is deviation.  All invention is deviation.  Deviation can be undesirable when unproductive, but it is downright necessary to keep our society from becoming stagnant.

Some people don't like my health plan because it's not mainstream.  It goes against what they were taught all along, and people don't like hearing that what they know is wrong.  But really, I'm taking all the risk for you, trying out deviant ideas, allowing for the possibility of innovation and progress, while you sit back and keep on doing what you think will work for you.  If what you're doing is not working for you, then maybe you need to think a bit harder about becoming a deviant yourself.