Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Wonder I'm Hungry (Soup)

I have never really appreciated most soup.  Sure it's easy to make, and you can extract the last bit of goodness from bones and tired vegetables, but my stomach remembers we were poor growing up and soup was a way to stretch real food, all that water was supposed to make us feel full.  Well, my well-educated tummy now knows that's just water and there's no real calories in it, now I can't even appreciate a good soup without getting that feeling when I'm done that I'd like a bit of solid food to finish it off.

Despite that, I was stuck without a lunch and wasn't in the mood to do anything fancy, nor do the meat and cheese thing, so I wandered down the canned soup isle.

One of the few flavors that didn't have pasta was Campbell's Chicken and Rice:

So, besides the fact that this has a ton of additives, is mostly rice, and soup never makes me feel full anyway, there's only 200 calories per can. Then the directions say to water that down some more... 200 calories? No wonder I'm hungry. I'll give Vegetable Beef a try this afternoon when that rice wears off and I start falling asleep at my desk...