Monday, February 9, 2015

New coach, new schedule

Some of my best writing comes after I delete the first draft, but it is frustrating when that happens involuntarily while trying to go back and fix a minor typo...
The Health, it is pointed out that HEALTH is a very individual matter and should be taken care of by the individual him/herself; anyone else, including medicine man or woman, can only give a second opinion.
John K. H. Kong. The Art of Tai Chi: John Kong Tai Chi 100 Forms (p. xii). Kindle Edition. 
My health is my own responsibility, but yet it is helpful to have second opinions from time to time.  I've had some questions about the things that my doc has been recommending, and a friend of a friend is helping me look into it.

Changes I'm making:
  • Actually take the recommended amount of Vitamin D.  I have three sources now (including Vitamin D Council)  telling me it's good, my prior adverse experience may be entirely coincidental.  
  • Add Magnesium back in.  I'd been taking a combined Zn, Mg, Ca supplement and dropped it when the doc added a standalone Zn.
  • Reduce B6 levels to avoid long term nerve damage.  I knew the amount the doc prescribed was a toxic dose, but I'd previously read that I had about three years to revise that down, so was giving the doc time on that one.
  • Increase Omega 3 supplementation to 1-2 grams per day.
  • Adding strength exercises.  The "ZMA" supplement replacing my prior zinc and B complex vitamins is designed to support recovery from exercise.
  • Keep up the dairy consumption, ignore doc's advice on that since I can't seem to get enough fat in my diet without it.
  • Making a strong effort at fixing my time management problems.
In the spirit of my prior post "Writing Your Way To Health" I'm going to try to write down a schedule to follow to help fix my time management issues.

This would apply to Winter, M-R, short term.

7 AM - Alarm, Stretches, Bathroom, Sleep
7:30 AM - Alarm, Bathroom, Barn Clothes, Walk Dogs
7:45 AM - Feed Dogs, AM Barn Chores (Outgoing checklist: water, basket, treats.  Incoming checklist: bowls, eggs, water.)
8 AM - Shower, Moisturize, Work Clothes
8:30 AM - AM Breakfast, Supplements, Teeth, Neti
8:45 AM - Carpool (Checklist: Keys, Wallet, Cell Phone, Badge, Bag, Lunch, Breakfast Pills)
9:30 AM - Work
1:30 PM - Lunch, Supplements, (Walk or Tai Chi)
6 PM - Carpool
6:45 PM - Home, do something active (gardening, extra barn chores, house chores)
7:30 PM - Supper, Supplements, Creative or Educational activity
9 PM - PM Barn Chores, Strength Exercise.
10 PM - Teeth, Neti, PJs, Wart Remover, Moisturize, Book
10:30 PM - Sleep