Monday, February 16, 2015


It may be worthwhile to try the FODMAP diet.  FODMAP is an awkward acronym for a large group of carbohydrates that ferment in the large intestine.  It may be that many people that think they have gluten sensitivity or dairy sensitivity actually have FODMAP sensitivity as there is much overlap between those foods.

There are also many overlaps between FODMAP and the Paleo diet.  They recommend avoiding lactose, gluten, legumes, many kinds of seeds and high fructose fruits...

The FODMAP diet also has more scientific backing than similar diets like GAPS and Paleo.  Universities and WebMD suggest that it is worth trying, and works for 70-75% of IBS sufferers.

Further reading:

There seem to be some hints in these articles that the problem is really one of gut biome problems, but yet there is no concrete suggestion of probiotic solutions to the problem.  (Some mentioned probiotics, but they were downplayed and the suggestions were not specific.)  The most common probiotics are all the same strain, and often come in capsules that break down well before the target destination, exposing the delicate bacteria to stomach acid, but it seems to me that a multi-strain probiotic protocol with a better delivery system will eventually be a part of treating this sensitivity.