Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Improved but not cured...

Saturday was my 35th birthday.  I of course used the excuse to cook, a lot, and run up and down my hill between the bonfire and the house, a good number of times.  Needless to say, at the end of the day I was very happy, but rather worn out, and I had a blister from wearing barn boots without socks.  Sunday morning I awoke rather stiff, and proceeded to climb downstairs backwards on my hands and knees.  (We have very steep old stairs, a bit better than a captain ladder.)  Things loosened up as the day went on.

Monday I got downstairs the normal way, but my knee went out a few hours later, putting me pretty squarely back in fibromyalgia territory for the day.  It was rather disheartening.  Then I got the reminder to update my blog, and I commented to my husband about it, that I'd improved but not been cured.  My dear man put it back in perspective, "but you've improved a lot".  Yes.  Yes I have.  It's Tuesday, and I'm fine again.  Only three days after the stress, one day after the worst of the effects.  I should probably take it easy for a bit longer, but I have indeed improved.