Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evolutionists don't own ancient man

Some minimalists and paleo dieters are rather scornful of creationists in their midst.  But instead of scorn, they should see the creationist as a strong ally in applying knowlege of ancient man to modern day human health issues.

The evolutionist paleo dieter says that man evolved rapidly before the paleolithic era, lived in utopia during the paleolithic era, and then has not really had enough time to evolve to a rapidly changing world since.  He must toe a narrow line about the speed and practicality of evolution. 

The creationist primitive man dieter says that God created man eactly as he is today.  Agriculture was a curse tossed upon man after he lost the utopia of the Garden of Eden, and he has not changed significantly since except in his collection of knowlege and tools. 

The premise of the existance of a creator God may not make sense to the evolutionist, but the resulting conclusions of the creationist are more strongly consistent with the idea that man has not changed since he lived in utopia, and may be well served by some of the eating and exercise habits of utopian men.