Friday, September 2, 2011

Slow Going

The treatment for the wart on my foot is worse than the disease.  I've been off my feet for a week now, two more weeks before I see the doctor, and he wants to give this treatment a three month run.  I'll be backing off to minimal treatment, more like the package directions, less aggressive than what he discussed with me, and talking to him about it at my appointment.  (Package says to apply once every 10 days and no mechanical removal, he says apply daily with mechanical removal.)  Going from occasional pain when stepping on a rock in that one spot to not really able to walk at all is unacceptable.

The discussion group is not keeping my interest lately.  New shoes I will never wear, competitive training programs I will never run, high and mighty debaters of off-topic stuff I'm trying to stay out of...  I may have even missed replies to my posts in my delete-happy phases.  Not that any of my recent posts have been of any great value. 

I'll get over it.  24 hours after skipping a wart treatment I walked my regular .6 miles, and I hope to be more active over this coming long weekend.  Worst case, I will tell the doctor "no" and go back to having a very minor gait issue.  Most warts resolve themselves over time once the immune system finally wakes up.  I was making progress despite it, I have a lot of progress to go before that limitation is my major limitation.