Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time to pay the piper, err... Dentist

A) I am sensitive to strong tastes.  Never liked toothpaste, but got into a much better tooth cleaning routine when a dentist told me it was ok to brush with just water.  But brushing without toothpaste means I'm missing out on the protective benefits of fluoride.
B) I've been cheating a lot on my diet lately, hence the weight gain.  I've been rationalizing small amounts of sugar at a time because they don't spike my blood sugar too much, throat doesn't swell so I'm ok, right?  Except small amounts of sugar at a time are not usually followed by brushing my teeth or eating more reasonable food alongside.

So six months ago I was having some dental pain and went in for my overdue cleaning and exam.  Having lived in pain most of my life, I tend to understate my pain condition, and apparently my complaint was so mild it never made it into my chart.  Exam showed some gum issues that could explain some mouth pain.  More regular cleanings were proscribed.  No x-rays were taken on that visit.  I apparently should have asked for x-rays or complained more about the pain.

Last week I went for my 6 month cleaning, and this time we got the x-rays.  It's not my imagination, there is a gaping hole in one tooth where I have pain, and there are six other cavities.  Seven cavities.  Seven.  Worst exam result ever.  I have a series of appointments to deal with the cavities, might even have one tooth pulled, and we're to discuss fluoride treatment going forward.

So I've got to go cold turkey on soda, candy, and cough drops.

Today I have an appointment to try to save that rear molar, but I may try to talk to the dentist about working on some other tooth today and just having the rear molar pulled.  The matching tooth above is already gone, my mouth is seriously overcrowded with teeth overlapping in the front of the jaw.  I won't even consider getting my teeth straightened (again) until I get a tooth on each side of the lower jaw removed.

Not looking forward to it.