Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Soylent guy at it again

Chris is more eloquent than I:

In addition, I must say the soylent guy is way off in left field.  He thinks he's saving the world but doesn't think of the effects of how products are manufactured.  He has proposed soylent as the solution to wold hunger.  So we take crops from poor farmers, send them to a factory, process them, throw out the parts that don't belong in soylent, and ship them back, and this is more economically viable than letting the farmers eat their own produce as it comes out of the ground?  Maybe it has application in refugee camps, as golden rice does, but for the greater populace there are much more efficient ways to obtain your daily calories in a balanced and ecologically sound method.

The soylet guy has a new kick of getting off of A/C power and going to a small solar cell.  Some of his changes are sensical, but in order to ditch his clothes washer, he has started buying all his clothes from China, wearing them once, and then donating them.  Sure it may take less water than washing his clothes, but considerable energy is spent in textile manufacturing, if the clothes are colored then nasty chemicals are used in the dye process, if they're flame retardant cotton or shrink resistant wool those are more chemicals...  Then he takes his nasty dirty laundry and dumps it in the donation bin.  This is unsanitary, and just pushes off the washing burden onto someone else.  If he was to trash those dirty clothes instead, then he adds to the landfill problem, if he was to buy clothes of recyclable materials, recycling takes more energy than washing...