Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Update

The calendar says that it is time to make an update, but my heart is not in it.  I've had the worst couple weeks since starting this journey.  After all my progress, I'm still too slow to hike with others.  I've had some personal issues too.  I'm upset and my fibromyalgia is having a field day.

I came home late yesterday and let the puppy out of her crate.  Mind you, I have a Great Dane, so we've got almost 100 lbs of puppy energy exploding out.  Normally I deal with this just fine, but the pain was so much when she bumped me for the 10th time and stepped on my foot that I became irrational.  I decided that crawling into the other dog's crate and shutting the door until my husband came was a viable alternative to killing the puppy.

I've had several setbacks, but I've always managed to come back.  I'll come back from this.  I am already benefiting from my drugged sleep and am able to do the tai chi stances I could not do on Wednesday.  Yeah.  I couldn't even take a slow measured step forward on Wednesday, anything is progress from there.  The puppy and I are also on much better terms today, perhaps tomorrow I will hobble around the corner with her.