Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning how to stand up

Like any normal child, I learned how to stand up as a toddler, or at least I thought I had.  At some point I had learned how to stand in a very unhealthy manner, making my whole lower body hurt when standing long periods.  When going minimally shod, I decided I needed to re-learn how to stand and walk.

Now I don't just stand there, but feel and acknowledge the parts of my feet holding me up.  I consciously rest my weight evenly on all parts of my foot.  I have to lean forward a bit or bend my knees to make it work.  My foot spreads a little more to carry the weight over a greater surface.  When doing it right, I can feel the individual bones of the foot each resting on the ground.

I am using my new method of standing up like a good posture.  Whenever I catch myself slouching my spine or my feet I straighten up and stand right.  My feet still hurt after standing a long time, but it is muscle fatigue, not stress injury, and passes in a day.