Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sargento Balanced Breaks

ProductServingsFat grams per servingProtein grams per servingCarb grams per servingFiber grams per servingFat gramsProtien gramsDigestable Carb gramsCalories% fat caloriesKetogenic Ratio
Pepper Jack with Peanuts and Raisins1.012712112711.00180.0060.00%86.22%
White Cheddar with Almonds and Cranberries1.013712213.007.0010.00185.0063.24%97.14%
Sharp Cheddar with Cashews and Cranberries1.012712112.007.0011.00180.0060.00%86.22%
Sharp White Cheddar with Cashews and Raisins1.012712112.007.0011.00180.0060.00%86.22%

They're sticking that 60% calories from fat like a guideline, although it's the protein number highlighted on the front of the package.  It is not ketogenic, nor is it a low Omega 6 food, but it looks like a decent compromise food when you need something convenient.  It is "lacto-paleo".  Each serving is 170 calories, but they are bundled in stacks of three so a full pack plus a single serve of milk would put you at a reasonable meal size.  I paid the same for this pack as I did for a half pound block of cheese worth 56% more calories.