Monday, October 26, 2015

Increasing my tolerance for tart, by adding sugar.

I used to have no tolerance for tart foods.  Sugar was a big no-no in our family since Dad was hypoglycemic, but I couldn't get by without the little bit we were allowed in applesauce, jelly, etc...  Most raw fruits were too tart to me and I didn't enjoy them.  Fermented dairy products also bothered me.

But then I started trying some higher fat yogurts, most of which only came in plain varieties, and therefore needed sugar added.  I made a bit of my own maple syrup last spring, so it was a natural match to flavor and sweeten my yogurt.  Except when you add your own sugar, it is not as completely stirred in as the commercial stuff, so there are variations of sweet throughout the cup.  At first I tasted these tart sections and stirred more or added more syrup, slowly I got accustomed to them, until eventually I was licking up spills of entirely unsweetened yogurt off the outside of the cup, and was able to start adding less sugar to each batch...

Today I'm eating grapes.  They make my mouth pucker, but I can still appreciate the deeper flavors underneath.