Friday, September 5, 2014

Oscar Mayer P3

This blogging thing may be going a bit too far, I just bought this item specifically to review it:

I'd seen ads from the product launch and was hopeful that this would be something available in most grocery stores friendly to my diet, but the company website was lacking in nutrition info, so I wanted to get my hands on an actual package.

ProductServingsFat grams per servingProtein grams per servingCarb grams per servingFiber grams per serving
Oscar Mayer P3 Ham1.0111341
Total Calories163
% carb calories7%
% protein calories32%
% fat Calories61%
Ketogenic ratio136%

Really not bad for something that I might be able to find in a convenience store.  If you're going ketogenic to treat epilepsy you might want to skip the nuts or have some other fat supplement with it to push up over the 150%.  

The quality of the contents is about what you'd expect from Oscar Mayer, good but not gourmet.  I'd love to see a lunch sized version in the future, low carb eaters don't tend to need as many snacks as high carb eaters.  

The real downer for me personally, is the calcium sulfate on the cheese.  A snack sized portion probably won't hurt me, but if I downed four of these for lunch I might have a bad reaction.  (One of my health care professionals called it a migraine and not a true allergy, but it has never been well investigated.  Some people have expressed envy at my ability to get drunk on potato salad, but for me sulfa allergy has been no picnic.)  For most people this is a non-issue.

So overall I call it a win for Paleo eaters, but it's not going to get the epileptic kid out of having to carry his special shakes, nor is it going to work for me personally.