Monday, August 5, 2013

Deli and Fruit

This was actually a breakfast...

From the local grocery store.  (The fancy chain, but a less fancy location.)
1/4 lb of deli roast beef
1/4 lb of deli provolone
1 tangerine
1 bottle of vitamin D milk.

$6.69, comparable to fast food in my area.

I was a bit surprised that they have recently changed the labeling on the milk.  It used to prominently say Vitamin D Milk, and the term "Whole" was in fine print, and the percentage had to be calculated from the nutrition label.  Now they feature the word "Whole" and say "Vitamin D" and "3.25% milkfat" in finer print.  I call this one a minor victory for the high fat diet.

Oranges are not part of my normal low-sugar diet, but I had a hankering today.

I'm not awake before 10 AM, so breakfast was very simply prepared.

Ok, down to the nutrition.

Milk, 2 legal servings times 70 fat calories, 32 Protein calories and 48 carb calories
Seasoned Roast Beef, 2 legal servings times 20 fat calories, 40 protein calories, 0 carb calories
Provolone 4 legal servings times 70 fat calories, 20 protein calories, 0 carb calories
Tangerine: We'll call that one a large, 3 fat calories, 4 protein calories, 64 carb calories

851 Calories
54% fat calories

For my size, weight maintenance is 2100 calories a day, this meal is more than 1/3 of that requirement.  It did feel like a lot of food.  I have been lately eating heavy breakfast and lunch with light suppers, so it is only a little bit over.  I was surprised that the bottle of milk's carbs were on the same order of magnitude as the tangerine's, but it still had a more favorable ratio than the tangerine.

A third of a pound of meat and cheese with only water would have been more ideal:
640 calories
67% fat

Next time I'm going to present the nutrition more compactly and get you a ketogenic ratio...