Sunday, August 5, 2012

Connection between Fibromyalgia and Oxilate?

Hrm....  More meat and cheese in this house!  I don't eat very many carbs because of my hypoglycemia, so  I've already cut back on potatoes, and carrots, and have seen improvements, but this puts a lot more on the no-no list.  I really need to learn how to prepare organ meats in a way I can stomach with so many other foods moving off my diet.  Organ meats can provide all the vitamins needed that most Americans get from vegetables.  As my diet currently is, I often crave a bit of veggie and have a big roast veggie meal, or a salad or some such.

Thanks for pointing this out, fellow bloggers:

A critic of this low oxilate diet suggest the failsafe diet, which has so many no-no foods that it's ridiculous.  Everything but meat is counter-indicated in someone's interpretation of the diet, and a few think eating only meat is too much protein.

I think only self-experimentation, considering one food at a time can really give me good data on what is or is not a problem...