Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pizza, I Love You So Much, Why Are You So Cruel To Me?

It started out simple enough, the boss wanted to reward us for our dedication to an annoying task, and offered a free pizza and wings party. Of course I went, free food and social time with co-workers is a good thing, right? Well I had a pile of wings and two small pieces of pizza (each a little bigger than a deck of cards). Then I rushed off to my lunchtime appointment. First, it was just a little tummy rumble. Not that big a deal, I just overate, right? Two hours later, I'm hungry again. (Huh? you just overate?) I rationalized that I had eaten lunch way earlier than normal and needed a snack to tide me over to supper and had another piece of leftover pizza. Two more hours go by, I'm at home and hungry again, so I grab an ice cream sandwich to tide me over to supper. Two more hours, my normal supper hour, I crash. Shakes, feeling hot, constipation... I asked hubby, "Did I used to live like this?" "You used to have a lot of pain", he responded. I managed to get supper together and recover a bit. The stomach distress continued through the night. I don't sleep very well, and in the morning I woke up with major sinus issues. (Last time I'd had such sinus issues I'd had 3 desserts the day before and overloaded on sugar, I don't think it is a co-incidence. Some people actually recommend paleo dieters eat more carbs to increase mucus production.) But pizza is just soooo tasty... Pizza is my weakness, was long before I went low-carb. I would always eat too much when pizza was available. I don't really miss pizza when I make a meatza, but when pizza is present I just can't leave it alone. I'm drugged up now, and should be able to get through the day. Before I went low carb I took these allergy pills every day and coped pretty well. Denise's Mexican Meatza: Take 2 lbs of quality ground beef (mine came from a grass fed steer). Grab taco seasoning mix and look up how much they recommend putting into one pound of beef, and mix that into the raw meat. Spread out on a stoneware baking dish (one with sides, not a pizza stone), making it a little bit thinner in the center than at the edges. When adding toppings, leave a half inch bare all around the edge, as the meat will shrink more than the toppings in cooking. Top with salsa, onions, peppers, and cheddar cheese. Meat toppings are completely optional with meatza, as you've got plenty of meat in the "crust". Bake 400 degrees for a half hour. As soon as you take the meatza out of the oven, use a turkey baster to pull out the excess juices, then let it rest 10 minutes while the cheese congeals before serving.