Monday, April 16, 2012

Pretty Boots

I'm always looking for better alternatives for winter footwear.  I'm currently enamored with the Mongolian boot (Gutal)

Here's an interesting selection of Mongolian boots a museum employee saw while on a collection trip to Mongolia:  Bata Shoe Museum Mongol Boot Collecting Trip

I especially love this one, a royal consort's boot.  I'd leave the symbol in red off my pair.  The design is so intricate, I don't think I could really manage.  I'd want to do embroidery on felt rather than applique on leather as was probably original.  Although I might be able to do stamp and dye...

I worry a bit about the pointed toe.  I'm not sure how far beyond the foot the shoe extends.  If the toes rest near to the ground and the rest of the point is decorative, I think I could wear these.  If the ball of the foot is the last part resting on the ground and the toes are pointing up, that wouldn't work too well for me.